A drumming journey is a very old technique that is used by indigenous people throughout the world. Like many shamanistic techniques it involves connecting to the non-ordinary reality in order to help in healing, gather information, and to nurture our connection to ourselves and the natural world around us.

A drumming journey helps you get in touch with your Totem or Power Animal, a spirit guide in animal form. In order to do this, we will be using the drum to induce an altered state. As I play, you will go on a journey into your inner world to meet your Power Animal there. “Visiting” and working with your Power Animal on a regular basis will enhance your personal life and expand your spiritual capacities immensely. It reminds you of the power that you have inside of yourself and helps you get in touch with it. When life presents you with challenges and transitions, your Power Animal can be an exceptional teacher and advisor who will help you deal with difficulties.


What to expect:
We first start with a description on how best to enter your inner world and what to do when you are there. It’s important for a journey’s success to start with a particular intention or question in mind. We will talk about this before we start.
You will lie down on a comfortable futon, I will drum and after the journey we can talk about your experience. A drumming journey session takes approximately one hour. You should be wearing comfortable clothing for the journey.


Alternative form of drumming work: Drumming and Singing
This technique is to center and strengthen you. By singing old American Indian songs and other power songs with the use of a drum or rattle, we can remove certain blockages and fill you back up with power.