Shiatsu is a traditional form of Japanese bodywork rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gentle manipulation and acupressure (acupuncture without needles) are used to release tensions held within the body. Shiatsu is an extremely relaxing therapy as it combines the benefits of massage with the relaxing and healing effects of pressure point work. Unlike other massage treatments, the client remains fully clothed while lying on a comfortable futon at floor level.

During the treatment, you may sense a "switch" as your nervous system moves from a habitual fight/flight response into a more meditative state in which your body has a chance to let go, release tension and rebalance naturally.

By focusing on the meridians of the body and the pressure points, it is possible to energetically balance the body and its Qi (life energy). Shiatsu has a very calming effect on the mind and the body and is ideal for people of all ages, including seniors and children.

Benefits that can be achieved from a professional shiatsu treatment:


What to expect

The treatment will take approximately 60 minutes. It is important to wear loose comfortable clothing and clean socks. It’s recommended not to eat for about an hour prior to your treatment.

On your first visit you may be asked to fill in a form to enable me to assess your case. There is always a preliminary chat before each treatment to look at your current state-of-being. Diagnoses to decide on the treatment are made through a combination of talking and observation.

A typical session involves stretches, gentle manipulation of joints and deep acupressure using the thumbs, elbows and palms. Attention is paid to the whole body including the arms, legs and head. Particular pressure points and meridians are diagnosed that connect with specific organs, physiological systems and emotions relevant to the individual client. Work on these zones clears blockages and strengthens weak areas, allowing the body’s Qi (life energy) to flow, thereby stimulating the natural healing processes of the body and increasing vitality.