Sound massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls


In many cultures people use the phenomenon of sound and tone for healing work. Sound acts directly on the body, mind and spirit, dissolves energy blockages, helps to open, and thus supports processes which enable us to let go of old patterns and welcome new energy. Sound massage uses Tibetan Singing Bowls that create a wonderful atmosphere of peace and relaxation.


What to expect

A Singing Bowl Massage begins with talking to the client to see what the intention is for the treatment. Based on this I can decide which singing bowls to use. A session takes approximately one hour. One should wear comfortable clothing made of natural materials.

The client lays on a futon covered with a thin blanket; for most of the session on the front-side of the body. The bowls will then be laid on different parts of the body and struck with a mallet.

It’s recommended to drink lots of water after the treatment.



Sound Journeys


A sound journey is a very relaxing and often magical experience. The sounds from different instruments such as Tibetan Singing Bowls, feng-gong, drums, cymbals, wind chimes, rattles and others, transport you into another world. For some, this world is full of pictures and feelings. For others it is a break from the hectic world that helps them to deeply relax.


What to expect

Sound journeys last for about an hour. Comfortable clothing is recommended as you are lying on a futon for the duration of the journey. I’m playing the different instruments in a harmonious mix, with the instruments building upon each other to create a moving, emotional sound experience for you.